Spider VeinsSpider veins are small red or purple veins that are less than one millimeter in diameter.  These are different than larger varicose veins.  Spider veins tend to be more difficult to treat than any other type of vein.  Unfortunately, there is no magic eraser to remove these veins.  The key to removing them, is to first cut off the abnormal blood flow into the veins.  This can be done by phlebectomy (removing the vein) or sclerotherapy (injecting a detergent into the vein to close it).   Second, we attack the visible spider veins themselves.  This can be done by using Vein Gogh which destroys the veins from the outside.  This leaves a scratch where the vein was and as the scratch heals the vein disappears.  The other method is sclerotherapy in which we destroy the vein from the inside by injecting a detergent.
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